FieldStar® II

FieldStar® II

The Fieldstar system is the first system for mechanized mapping of productivity.

The AgCommand system is a pioneer in the remote monitoring of agricultural machines and uses the concept of telemetry (automatic data transmission via GPRS signal - cellular telephone signal).

This data is then georeferenced through the positioning information sent by the GPS receiver. In addition to the productivity and humidity information, a lot of other operating information is collected and stored, creating conditions so that, later in the office, thematic maps of each collected variable can be generated.

The technique of mapping productivity is very important within the precision agriculture cycle, being the starting point or even the discussion form for the management throughout the cycle. Do you want to know why you should do productivity mapping? Check it.

  • 1) Identification of crop variability
  • 2) Crop production survey
  • 3) Marker - adjust crop errors
  • 4) Reference for the intelligent or directed sampling of soil and plant
  • 5) Can be the entry point into precision agriculture
  • 6) Economic analysis of crops
  • 7) Data crossing for recommendations of variable rate applications
  • 8) Nutrient export estimate
  • 9) Identification of productivity ceilings
  • 10) Reference to other maps, satellite images, vigor, etc.