BE 6200 PLANTER wide 002

Planter BE6200

Sugar Cane Planter BE6200

Proven results in the sugar & ethanol industry.

The BE6200 planter is an example of the innovative spirit of our sugar cane products. It offers solutions that contribute to improved productivity and subsequently lower operational and maintenance costs. It performs all planting operations (opens groove, applies fertilizer, distributes seedlings, applies insecticide and closes the groove) simultaneously in two lines.

It meets the needs of clients with different planting spacings, since it has variable distance between grooves and wheel gauge.


Planter BE6200
Cargo capacity (t)  6
Min. power for traction (hp) 180
Distribution (yolks) 12 to 22
Spacing of furrower (m) 0,9 / 1,4 / 1,5
Supply from the sides and behind
Inspection hatch for fertilizer
Leveled bucket with movable base mobile driven by cylinder plus metering bucket