Valtra S Series

The Valtra S Series is a big tractor, built to handle your toughest jobs. You can rely on it for big results.

Have your thought about your return on investment? We have. We talk with farmers every day. The result is the fourth-generation S Series tractor, tested in demanding conditions to optimise its technical features, ergonomics, and productivity. Together with ACGO services, the S Series tractor will support the profitability of your business now and in the future.

This big tractor is a big investment

Your return on investment is built with proven reliability, power, ergonomics, and productivity.

Proven - in the toughest conditions

60 years’ experience
Valtra has been building tractors for over 60 years. Every Valtra tractor is born from our long experience. Your Valtra S Series tractor comes with services that support the profitability of your business today and for a long time into the future.

Tested in extreme conditions
Our rigorous testing programme covers extreme conditions, from the sugar cane plantations in Brazil to the cold and snow of winter in Finland.



Power - you can count on

AGCO Power 84 AWF engine
This engine is a Finnish powerhouse and a world first! This is the first tractor engine to comply with the Tier 4 final, stage 4 emissions standard. This technology ensures the reliability of the engine with no increase in operating costs.

AVT transmission
The stepless AGCO Variable transmission is the market leader, and for good reason. Its popularity is based on its versatility and fuel efficiency. You can select from two operating modes, automatic or manual, to optimise fuel efficiency, work output and driving comfort.


Twin turbo
The new Valtra S Series has two sequential turbochargers for better torque at lower revs and lower exhaust temperatures, which increases the durability of the engine and reduces maintenance costs.

Fuel efficiency
The fuel efficiency of the S Series tractors has always been good. The 8.4 AWF AGCO Power engine on the new S Series reduces fuel consumption even further, by 5%. SigmaPower
When you need more power for the PTO or hydraulics, the engine’s electronic management system boosts output by as much as 10% - up to 400 horsepower on the biggest S Series tractors.


Productive - during a long workday

Spacious cab
The large cab, with four-point pneumatic suspension, ensures that the driver stays fresh, alert and productive all day.

AutoComfort utilises the latest technology. Sensors relay information to the control system, which makes sure that the cab is always in the right position.

Work year-round
The S Series is designed for working year-round, so heating and air-conditioning come as standard. Even the driver’s seat is ventilated.

Valtra ARM
The patented Valtra ARM armrest provides excellent support and is easy to use. The controls on the armrest make it easy to control the transmission, hydraulics and ground speed.


The best yield - from every inch of your field

Valtra tractors can work in both directions, significantly increasing productivity (by up to 15%). Switching to the TwinTrac reverse-driving position is fast and easy. An adjustable steering column and pedals are located at the rear of the cab. All other controls are on the Valtra ARM, which rotates with the seat.

FUSE open system
FUSE is an open system that can be used together with the machinery, products and applications of other manufacturers. This allows you to manage data from all the machinery and equipment on your farm so that the entire production chain is part of the same system. AgCommand
AgCommand telemetry allows you to monitor your tractor and its work at any time. Predictive maintenance, fault reports and work performance reports can all be managed with AgCommand.

AutoGuide 3000
AutoGuide 3000 is AGCO’s automatic steering assist system that is already used on thousands of tractors. This advanced system saves time, fuel and material while reducing variations in performance among drivers.