ValtraXN163 Articulated

Articulated ValtraA tractor that follows its own tracks

Articulated Valtra - an unbeatable tool for professional farmers and contractors

An articulated Valtra tractor can do everything a traditional articulated implement can do but with much higher levels of comfort and lower fuel consumption – while at the same time it is also a full-blooded agricultural tractor.

Articulated steering is available as an option on N123, N143 and N163 Direct tractors. The tractors can be fitted with standard Valtra front loaders or heavy-duty solid beam loader loaders. The same options are available with the articulated steering than with other Valtra tractors, including a steel fuel tank for forestry tasks and an SVC cab with enhanced side visibility for municipal tasks.

The articulated steering is fitted to the tractor at the Valtra Unlimited Studio.

In a nutshell

  • All the comforts of a standard N Series tractor
  • Excellent manoeuvrability for increased safety
  • Increased agility saves time and fuel
  • 40% time savings on front loading tasks
  • Standard 160l hydraulic pump
  • No additional hydraulics required
  • Standard 4WD HD HILOCK front axle with steering angle sensors
  • ISOBUS available only at the rear of the tractor

Smart Control System

Combining articulated steering with turning front wheels makes the tractor extremely agile which is useful when operating in tight spaces. The tractor can even be driven sideways which eliminates soil compaction on fields and allows streets to be ploughed or swept safely along the sides.

The articulated steering and rotating front axle are automated, so the amount of articulated steering reduces as the speed increases. At high speeds the tractor is steered normally through the front wheels. The driver can also adjust the ratio of articulated steering to front axle steering according to the situation.

Altenative steering modes

(1) Front wheel steering only
The articulated tractor can be set to operates as a standard tractor at the switch of a button.

(2) Combined front wheel and chassis angle steering
This driving mode allows for excellent manoeuvrability even with front and rear mounted implement combinations, saving time and fuel in headland turns. In front loader operations this mode will save up to 40% time compared to performing the same task with a standard tractor. When turning on the road, this mode increases safety as the tractor does not need to cross lanes.

(3) Parallel track
Parallel track is excellent for drilling tasks, reducing soil compaction significantly. When performing road maintenance tasks, this mode increases the working width saving you time and fuel.


(4) Chassis angle steering only – manual adjustment
The angle of the chassis steering can be adjusted steplessly. Even stationary adjustment is possible.


(5) Chassis angle steering & steering wheel control
In this mode the front wheels are turned after the chassis movement, making it ideal for front loader work in narrow conditions